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Screencaps! Farewell to Harry (i.e. Joe Flanigan, as pretty as can be)

Posted on 28-Feb-06 at 9:00.
Very kind folks have posted screencaps of this movie before (see icon--I can't remember who made the cap! Bad grrrl). But thanks to the generosity of inthekeyofd (thank you again, sweetie!) I was able to make my own caps and figured I'd share them, too. The more the merrier. It's actually a decent movie. It mostly suffers from trying a little to hard but it's charming. And certainly very pretty. If nothing else, it proves that JF should always, always, always wear open-collared shirts.

Don't forget to click on the thumbnail for the glorious full-size image!

Pensive. He has many pensive moments in this movie. For which I am very grateful.

Mmm. Eyes.

Okay, so he's pretty darn good with the suit and tie thing, too.

But seriously....throat.

He's working it in a big way, isn't he?


Guh. He's way cute and flirty in this entire scene.

Again...I guess I don't need to say it.

This was a very fun scene. The vest thing is working for him. As are the splayed legs.

Because I have no shame. ::is shameless::

Hairy forearms! How sweet is that?

Another one many pensive moments, in green, which is definitely his color.

A zip file containing these pics and a few (ahem) more can be found here. (to download, right-click and save!)

And as always, please feel free to take and use and play with, no credit necessary. Just have fun!


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oxoniensis at 2006-03-01 03:12 (UTC) (Link)
Ah, so pretty!
thegrrrl2002 at 2006-03-01 16:49 (UTC) (Link)
Isn't he? Distractingly so.
Caminando, desaparezco
margueritem at 2006-03-01 03:13 (UTC) (Link)
Sometimes, I look at DavidH and think, "Oooh, he's the prettiest, yes!"

But then, JoeF comes along all cute and flirty... *drools*

They're just too. pretty.
thegrrrl2002 at 2006-03-01 16:50 (UTC) (Link)
I think JF manages to be pretty AND dorky, which is a rare talent. But a very entertaining one. *g*
magickaldreamer at 2006-03-01 03:14 (UTC) (Link)
*Sigh.* My, but he is pretty. *Downloads file.*
thegrrrl2002 at 2006-03-01 16:51 (UTC) (Link)
::sighs with you::

Absolutely pretty.
whatdanidigs at 2006-03-01 03:15 (UTC) (Link)
Overflowing with the hot.
thegrrrl2002 at 2006-03-01 16:52 (UTC) (Link)

Dangerously so.
thepouncer at 2006-03-01 03:27 (UTC) (Link)
I am downloading the zip file to drool over in privacy. He's so pretty in this movie!
thegrrrl2002 at 2006-03-01 16:53 (UTC) (Link)
The level of pretty is almost distracting, really. It's a gorgeously filmed movie, and the camera does wonderful things with him.*g*
Regina Bellatrix
reginabellatrix at 2006-03-01 03:40 (UTC) (Link)
It's actually a decent movie. It mostly suffers from trying a little to hard but it's charming.

I totally agree with you. They did try a bit too hard at times. If they could have captured the light, amusing and effortlessly sweet tone that I think they were going for, it could have been much more than decent. Still, JF is very pretty in it (but really, when isn't he?), and I don't feel like it was a waste to get it and watch it.

Thanks, as always, for sharing the caps. Mmmm... tantalising little peeks at chest hair.
thegrrrl2002 at 2006-03-01 16:54 (UTC) (Link)
I enjoyed it, although I did fast forward through some parts. It needed tightening up, and the narration was badly written. And they tried to do way too much. But it quite charming, nonetheless. And beautifully filmed.
silver_cyanne at 2006-03-01 03:41 (UTC) (Link)
Mmmm, so pretty. Thanks for the treats;downloading the file to savor more later.
thegrrrl2002 at 2006-03-01 16:55 (UTC) (Link)
You're very welcome! Enjoy the caps.
not_sally at 2006-03-01 03:47 (UTC) (Link)
God, why is he so pretty?? *sobs*
thegrrrl2002 at 2006-03-01 16:56 (UTC) (Link)
Its...unnatural, isn't it?

gilenaki at 2006-03-01 03:49 (UTC) (Link)
hi :)

SO pretty. the eyes especially...*sigh* thank you.
thegrrrl2002 at 2006-03-01 16:57 (UTC) (Link)
Hiya! *g* He has great eyes, doesn't he? And fabulous expressions. I like we get to see his pretty little eyelashes in these caps.

::is pathetic::

reedfem at 2006-03-01 04:02 (UTC) (Link)
He was aggressively charming in this, wasn't he?

I remember trying to cap the party dancing scene long ago.

Pouty hot, yes.
thegrrrl2002 at 2006-03-01 16:58 (UTC) (Link)
LOL! Fabulously so. The dancing scene was great.
lillyjk at 2006-03-01 04:10 (UTC) (Link)
*is dead from guh*
thegrrrl2002 at 2006-03-01 16:59 (UTC) (Link)
::revives you::

sorry about that. *g*
Klo the hobbit
klo_the_hobbit at 2006-03-01 04:18 (UTC) (Link)
*whines and scrabbles at screen* Damn him for being so hot! And he speaks French! DEATH TO US ALL.
thegrrrl2002 at 2006-03-01 22:33 (UTC) (Link)
::nods:: The french thing is kind of scary. Because if he ever did on-screen? Fangirls collapsing from the squee *everywhere*.

sori1773 at 2006-03-01 04:28 (UTC) (Link)
Oh! Thank you thank you thank you! I'm downloading the zip right now. And you are SO right -- he should always wear open collar shirts. Perhaps long sleeved ones. With the sleeves rolled up. Yes. Yes. *wibble*
thegrrrl2002 at 2006-03-01 22:34 (UTC) (Link)
You're very welcome!

It's positively unreal how good he looks dressed like that, isn't it? The rolled up sleeves really, really, work.
Set phasers to fabulous!
cincodemaygirl at 2006-03-01 04:50 (UTC) (Link)
Okay, in the eighth pic down ["Again...I guess I don't need to say it."]-- I thought for a second that was Sims!Joe. Because, wow, weird.

Also, if I haven't commented to you yet, hi! I'm new-ish to SGA and I friended you in order to never miss any of your fantastic fic! Thank you ♥
thegrrrl2002 at 2006-03-01 22:36 (UTC) (Link)
Heya! *g* And thank you, I'm glad you enjoy the fics. And the pics. Sims!Joe? I have seen any pics of that.
(Deleted comment)
thegrrrl2002 at 2006-03-02 13:58 (UTC) (Link)
I loved how good he looked in that "Intruder" flashback. He was downright edible.

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