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My Contribution to the Five Things Meme

I originally posted this as comments to mmmchelle's wonderful Five Things.


That time at Jeannie's, when they were sharing the little guest room with the twin beds, and John climbed into Rodney's bed all horny and wanting sex and Rodney kind of did too, but Madison was just across the hall, and Jeannie and Caleb were in the room next door, for god's sake. John told Rodney that Madison wouldn't hear a thing, and it's not like Jeannie and Caleb would be shocked by any bed bumping because probably knew all about sex already, being they had a kid of their own and all.

Just the mention of Jeannie--his own sister--having sex (sex with Caleb, no less) was too weird, and kind of gross, almost like thinking about your parents having sex and Rodney's already-precarious mood was ruined. Undeterred, John attempted to bring him back around with a strip tease, complete with flexing muscles and come-hither looks, and by the time he pulled down his pants to flash one ass cheek while fellating his index finger Rodney pulled him down onto the bed and made love to him just to get him to stop, please, for the love of god, just stop.


Rodney woke to John slipping quietly into bed with him, curling up around him and holding so tight Rodney that could barely breathe. He kissed Rodney's neck and shoulder in complete silence, refusing to answer of Rodney's murmured questions. He simply held Rodney tighter and tighter until his arms trembled and his breath came in ragged gasps. Confused, Rodney struggled and squirmed until he was face to face with John, but before he could say another word John kissed him, and kept on kissing him, with the desperation of drowning man so Rodney held on and kissed him back. Pretty soon rubbing joined the kissing and then there was stroking and John pants were unfastened and Rodney's boxers were pulled down and the touching started in earnest. When it was all over Rodney's lips felt bruised and his arm had cramped up but John sighed and relaxed against him, sweat or maybe something else trickling down his temple and Rodney stroked his hair until he fell asleep.


"Come on, Rodney," John said, lying back on the pillows. "Please?"

"John, cracked ribs, remember?"

John touched his side, swathed entirely in bandages. "So what? Fuck me, come on, I'm already in bed." He spread his legs fetchingly.

"Then there's the matter of the broken arm."

John waved his cast in the air. "Pretty cool, huh?"

"And the painkillers. You probably can't even get it up." Rodney immediately realized his error when John pushed back the covers and tugged down the waistband of his pajamas to reveal his erection.

"See? Nice and hard." John tried to stroked it, but being one-handed had its limitations. The elastic waistband popped back up, and he couldn't stroke and keep his cock exposed at the same time. Frowning, he said, "You get the idea. Now come on, let's fuck."

Rodney sat on the side of the bed. John's face lit up. With a sigh, Rodney patted his leg. "Just go to sleep, John," he said in best cajoling manner. "And when you feel better? We'll have lots of sex. I promise."

"It's going to take me forever to feel better. I want to have sex now."

"You're suffering from a number of injuries."

"Which is why I need to have sex."

"The arm, the ribs, not to mention the black eye. What happened to your icepack?"

John shrugged, and felt around on the bed.

"And the split lip. It's not a very pretty picture, I'm afraid to say."

John scowled at him.

"Even less pretty, now."

"Fine." In a forlorn tone, John asked, "Maybe you can lie down next to me for a little while? Until I fall asleep?"

"Of course." Kicking his shoes off, Rodney stretched out next to John, because honestly, seeing John badly hurt had freaked him out, and it was nice to feel John's warm and very alive body next to his.

What he hadn't counted on was that even one-handed, John could do some serious groping, and one thing led to another and eventually Rodney gave in and they fucked, John propped up on his side with pillows. It was slow and careful, maybe even tender and unlike anything they had ever done before. That, for Rodney, was something else to freak out over. Just a little.


It was after the military training exercise, and Rodney smelled of sweat and gunpowder. All he wanted to do was shower and collapse into bed. But as soon as he got his clothes off, John grabbed hold of him and licked and sucked and nuzzled, working Rodney over thoroughly, pressing his nose and tongue and lips into all sorts of places, except for the ONE place that really needed attention. Rodney begged and pleaded, but John wouldn't even let him touch himself. Rodney got crazy, babbled and moaned and writhed and nearly got himself off by rubbing against the sheets but then John rolled him over, crawled up and stuck his cock in Rodney's mouth. Rodney sucked him off deliriously, and when John finally, finally touched Rodney's cock, Rodney came so hard that he might have grayed out just for a second or two but that was enough to make John insufferably smug about it for the rest of his life.


It was the Genii's fault. After years of cautious relations, the Genii came to trust the Atlanteans and visa versa, so when it was time for the Harvest Festival all were invited. They still served the same god-awful hooch and there was dancing and food and drink and then more dancing which called for more drinking and spinning around and the next morning Rodney woke up naked in a field, head not only pounding but also resting on John's naked stomach. The dew clung in droplets to the hairs on John's equally naked chest, and even though it was a very pretty sight Rodney groaned in pain.

John lifted his head and squinted down at him. "Hiya, Rodney."

Rodney groaned again. John gently patted his head. "I hear ya, buddy." His voice was weak.

A minute later, Rodney gathered up enough energy to ask, "Where the hell are our clothes?"

"Good question."

Not the response Rodney wanted to hear. He sat up carefully, holding his head in his hands.

There were grass stains on his knees.

And John's knees.

Their clothes were nowhere to be seen.

"Good party, huh?" John grinned at him.

Rodney glared. "I wouldn't know, I can't seem to remember much of it." He thought for a moment. "Except for you whispering all kinds of perverted things in my ear as we were leaving."

John's grin grew broader. "Yup."

"And you made me reach into your pocket, and I found the lube you brought--"

John nodded encouragingly.

Rodney's face grew hot. "Why do I remember hearing applause? Oh no, John--"

John's jaw dropped. "Uh oh."

And that's why John and Rodney were invited to every party the Genii and their allies ever threw.

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